«Альянс Ремстрой» является членом НП «Управление строительными предприятиями Петербурга». Мы работаем в полном соответствии с законодательством.

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A way to new construction

Alliance Remstroy is an active company which provides deep expertise in main contracting for construction and demolition works. Our experts are also very profound in soil filler materials. We know what to do with larger concrete, stone and metal facilities.

Alliance Remstroy performs all operations related to fundamental reconstruction of the object – from creating the project and applying for the permits to removal and utilization of the demolition wastes. Our company knows how to demolish the object and prepare the land plot for construction works according to the needs of the client.

Demolition works

Every building is different. The creative approach to the demolition is required each time the reconstruction starts. We find the most favorable solution for demolishing the needless buildings up to the land plot for construction works. The demolition wastes are recycled to filler materials that are used for backfilling the building site.

We have taken down high multistoried industrial buildings. Our engineers know how to deal with the specific complicated structures often located very close to other buildings or near intense traffic area.

Alliance Remstroy begins preparations to the construction of roads, squares and infrastructure for the new buildings already during the demolition.

Construction wastes utilization

We utilize dangerous wastes according to the national and domestic laws. All concrete wastes are reused as landfill gravel immediately after the removing.

In order to utilize more dangerous wastes we cooperate with specialized professional partners. Everything we leave at the object’s place is agreed with the customer.

Recycling of illiqud construction materials

Alliance Remstroy often recycles the waste generated in the course of preparation works for a new building on-site.

Every piece of demolished building is sorted and utilized in the best suitable way. For example, stones and other concrete waste are crushed and then reused as a filler material.

By sieving the crushed concrete into a uniform grade, we get gravel for using instead of limestone gravel or also reusing in concrete production. The grade of sieving can be specified by the customer.

Digging works

In order to ensure a fast and efficient performance we hire only high-pro excavator operators. The experienced operator also saves time and reduces costs even for simple works. This is especially important for the demolition industry where most prices are based on time and materials approach.

All experts of Alliance Remstroy have long-term management experience in equipment for heavy construction both in Russia and in other countries. We achieve all goals we have with a certain quality and superb performance.